Where Can You Load A Netspend Card At?

Can you load netspend at Family Dollar?

Reloading your NetSpend® card at Family Dollar has never been easier.

Swipe your card at the register and you’re done!.

Does 711 sell NetSpend cards?

(Nasdaq:NTSP), a leading provider of general-purpose reloadable (GPR) prepaid debit cards and related financial services, today announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement to sell its NetSpend Visa® prepaid cards at 7-Eleven, Inc.’s participating franchised and company-operated stores nationwide.

Can I load money on my card at Family Dollar?

Free Cash AND Gift Card Reloads at Family Dollar! Update: Do NOT load more than $500 per day to your Serve at Family Dollar.

Does Family Dollar sell NetSpend cards?

(Nasdaq:NTSP) announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement to sell the NetSpend Visa® Prepaid Debit Card at Family Dollar Stores, Inc. (NYSE:FDO) locations nationwide. … It can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Can I load my NetSpend card at Walgreens?

Can I put money on my netspend card at Walgreens? … You can take cash directly to the cashier at any Walgreens or connect the card to your savings or checking account and set up direct deposit. Each time you add funds to your card, you’re subject to a reload fee of up to $4.95.

How much does it cost to load money onto a NetSpend card?

Some locations may not charge a fee, but others may. Load fees vary from zero to $3.95. Find the lowest-cost Netspend Reload Network location nearest to you.

How do I add money to my NetSpend all access card?

How do I add money to my All-Access Account?Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is a convenient and no-cost way to add your paycheck or government benefits to your account. … Netspend Network Retail Locations. … Bank Transfers. … Transfer Money Between Netspend Accounts. … Tax Refunds.

Can I deposit money on my netspend card at an ATM?

Netspend prepaid debit card features Using a Netspend prepaid debit card is straightforward: You load money on the prepaid card and then use the card to send money, pay bills, withdraw cash at ATMs and make purchases. Money can be uploaded to a Netspend card via cash, check and direct deposit.

Can I load my NetSpend card at Dollar General?

The PayPal Prepaid MasterCard card will be available at more than 8,000 Dollar General stores in 40 states upon full rollout of the product this year. Cardholders also can reload cash on their PayPal and NetSpend prepaid cards at these locations via the InComm Vanilla Reload Network.

How do you load a NetSpend card?

The Netspend Reload Network can be used to load prepaid cards at over 130,000 grocery stores, gas stations, check cashers, and convenience stores. Fees are determined by the retailer but generally range from $2.00 – $3.95.

What bank does netspend use?

The Netspend® Visa® Prepaid Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank, Axos Bank™, MetaBank®, and Republic Bank & Trust Company pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

Can you add money to cash App at Family Dollar?

You only need to contact the clerk, who swap your card to add cash at Family Dollar. Apart from this, you can also add cash at various stores including Walmart, Walgreens.

Can you load a NetSpend card at 7 Eleven?

“This program offers our cardholders another convenient way to reload their card 24/7 at any of the more than 6,000 participating 7-Eleven locations in the U.S.,” said Dan Henry, CEO of NetSpend. …

Can someone send me money to my netspend card?

Your friend can add money to your Netspend account online if they also have a Netspend card, or an ACE Elite, Control or Purpose card. All they have to do is log into their online account, enter your name, FlashPay ID and the amount they want to send.

What is the minimum amount you can load on a netspend card?

ten dollarsYou may add funds to your Card, called “value loading,” at any time. Your initial value load must be at least ten dollars ($10.00). The minimum dollar value of any subsequent value loads will be subject to the terms established by the operator of the individual reload location (see (a) in the following paragraph).