What Happens If I Dont Pay My Airtel Postpaid Bill?

What happens if I dont pay my postpaid bill?

If postpaid bill is not paid, then your sevices will get barred after some days.

Company will remind you again and again to pay your bill through sms/IVR and phone calls.

You will also be fined as late charges.

Still, if you won’t pay at all, then recovery agencies will you until incoming remain activated..

Is not paying a bill a crime?

Simply failing to pay a bill when due is generally not a crime in most United States circumstances or jurisdictions. It is a contract debt, and the act is civil rather than criminal in nature.

What happens if you can’t make credit card payments?

If you don’t pay your credit card bill, expect to pay late fees, receive increased interest rates and incur damages to your credit score. If you continue to miss payments, your card can be frozen, your debt could be sold to a collection agency and the collector of your debt could sue you and have your wages garnished.

How can I pay my Airtel postpaid inactive number?

Now you have to enter Airtel Postpaid bill payment details such as Account Number, Mobile Number, Amount, and Email Address. You can check Account Number on your bill receipt. Then give submit.

How can I deactivate my Airtel number online?

How to Block Airtel connection or Airtel SIM cardCall to the Airtel customer care 198 or 121.Tell them to deactivate your mobile number.They will verify your ownership of this mobile number.Give the right answer to verify the SIM card owner details.More items…•

Are postpaid plans worth it?

Having a postpaid plan eliminates the hassle of having to reload your account. You also don’t have to worry about running out of credits when you’re in the middle of a call or while texting. When you exceed your plan limits, the telco will charge you of the excess usage.

What happens if we recharge twice in Airtel?

So, upon recharging the number with normal packs, the balance adds up the previously available one. Suppose, if you recharged your number with Rs. 100 which offers a Talktime of Rs. 81.75 twice, your balance will sum up to Rs.

What happens if we dont pay Airtel postpaid bill?

Upon delay/non-payment of bills beyond the due date or non-deposit of any applicable fee, charge or deposit, or any increase thereof, Airtel reserves the right to totally or partially disconnect the Services.

Why Airtel deducted my balance?

This means that if the tariff on your Airtel prepaid mobile number has expired and you do not wish to extend it, the company will forcefully deduct Rs 23 from your account to extend the validity to 28 days, an Airtel customer care executive explained.

What to do when you can’t afford your bills?

What to do if you can’t pay your billsContact your lenders, loan servicers, and other creditors. If you can’t make a payment now, need more time, or want to discuss payment options, contact your lenders to explain your situation, or check their websites to see if they have information that can help you. … Keep your money safe. … Take control of your finances.

How can I close my Airtel postpaid account?

How to deactivate Airtel postpaid SIM? To deactivate an Airtel postpaid SIM, you can clear the outstanding dues and send an email to 121@in.airtel.com or call the dedicated helpline 1800-103-0405 to file a request for termination.

What happens if you don’t pay your wireless bill?

If you default on a credit card, loan, or even your monthly internet or utility payments, you run the risk of having your account sent to a collection agency. These third-party companies are hired to pursue a firm’s unpaid debts. You’re still liable for your bill even after it’s sent to a collection agency.

How can I deactivate my Airtel postpaid bill online?

So to process the disconnection request online and to avoid going to the Airtel Store, here is what you need do:Send a postpaid connection termination email request to Airtel at 121@in.airtel.com.Call the Helpline number and file a request for termination. The helpline number is 1800-103-0405.

Can you go to jail for not paying a phone bill?

While you cannot go to jail for failing to pay your phone bill, there are several penalties that you’d do best to avoid: Disconnected Service – Your service may be cut off, and the only call you might be able to make is for a 911 emergency. … Low Credit Score – Ignoring paying phone bills can ruin your credit score.

Why postpaid is expensive than prepaid?

With postpaid plans you don’t need to pay anything upfront, you get a monthly bill after you use your telecom connection. On the other hand with Prepaid, you can recharge with a fixed amount up front and only then can consume the benefits.

What is Airtel main account balance?

Dial *123# to check your Airtel main account balance. Main account balance means the money left for you to make calls, send SMS or use the internet.

How do I stop my main balance deduction?

How to Stop Deduction of Main Balance : Open your mobile’s message app to create and send SMS. Now type STOP and send it to 1925. After that you will receive a return SMS from airtel side that your request will be processed within 30 minutes.More items…•

How long can you go without paying bills?

But if you miss a payment for more than 60 days, you’re likely to find yourself in penalty APR. A second late payment will also be reported to the bureaus, causing more damage to your credit score.