Quick Answer: What Is USSD Payment Code?

What is USSD payment method?

USSD-based communication can be used for checking your account balance, generating mini statement, fund transfer via MMID, IFSC code or Aadhaar number.

National Unified USSD Platform or NUUP is a mobile banking service based on USSD.

USSD refers to unstructured supplementary service data..

How do I turn off USSD code?

To deactivate a USSD profile, simply dial *901*911# from any phone, input the registered phone number for the account you want to blacklist and your USSD profile will be deactivated and blacklisted automatically.”

What is USSD code idea?

IDEA USSD Code to Check Balance and VAS Service DetailUSSD DetailShort CodeIdea Self Care Main Menu Check Code*121*4#Idea Balance and Validity Check Code*121# | *130#Idea Talktime Offer/Full Talktime Offer/Data Offer*121# | *122# | *121*4*5#Idea Internet Data Balance Check Code*125#16 more rows

How do I check my RRR payment?

Confirm Remita payment in few steps:First of all, visit Remita website.Log in into your account there.Find the link “Pay an Invoice” and click on it.Enter RRR number (Remita Retrieval Reference). It includes 12 symbols.After you fill out all the necessary data, click on the button “Continue”.

What is the code for transfer?

First Bank Money Mobile Transfer USSD Code To register for FBN mobile transfer: simply dial *894*0#. To transfer to other bank customers: Simply dial, *894*2*AMOUNT*ACCOUNT NUMBER#. To check airtime: *894*00#.

What is wrong with Remita?

Recently, the remita platform has developed an issue that usually results in loss of money and waste of time to its clients. since all Federal government funds are payed using the remita platform; this is now a national issue and requires special attention.

What is USSD code Zenith Bank?

Dial *966*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *966*1000*1234567890#) from the phone number you registered with Zenith Bank, then follow the on-screen prompts.

How do I transfer USSD code?

Transferring Money Using USSD Short Codes In order to transfer the money, dial *99#, type bank name, and when the interface opens, enter ‘3’ and tap send. Now, enter the beneficiary’s mobile number and the beneficiary MMID, which you will have to get from the person.

What is USSD * 99?

*99# is a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) based mobile banking service from NPCI that brings together diverse ecosystem partners such as Banks & TSPs (Telecom Service Providers). Using *99# service, a customer can access financial services by dialling *99# from his/her mobile registered with the bank.

What is USSD full form?

Unstructured supplementary service data (USSD), a communications service controlled by mobile network operators, is a critical piece of infrastructure used to provide mobile financial services on most phones, at low cost, and without requiring access to the user’s SIM card.

How do I generate RRR?

How to generate RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference)Go to www.remita.net.Click “Pay FGN’s and State TSA”Select Pay Federal Government of Nigeria.Type the name of the MDA from the “Name of MDA” field.Then select the “Name Of Service/Purpose” that relates to the payment; and proceed with the rest of the steps in processing FGN TSA collection transactions on the platform.More items…•

How do you code USSD?

So basically what happens is this:User dials the provided USSD code.The request is forwarded to the mobile service provider.The provider routes the request through a gateway to the machine hosting the application.The application process the requests it receives and sends back feedback.More items…•

What is Bank USSD code?

Nigeria Banks USSD codes Fidelity Bank — *770# 📞 First Bank — *894# 📞 First City Monument Bank (FCMB) — *389*214# 📞 Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) — *737# 📞 Heritage Bank — *322*00# 📞

How do I pay Remita with USSD code?

How the USSD code works. Customers should simply dial 770# on the phone linked to theirs accounts and then use their unique Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) generated from the Remita platform, to make payments using the USSD code 770RRR# and conclude their transactions.

What is USSD code in mobile?

Let’s start by explaining what is USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). It is a protocol that allows information to be sent across the network. It is for example possible to recharge your phone in call credit in certain countries. Thanks to this protocol, we buy a card, we scratch and we enter the code.