Quick Answer: How Can I Unlock My Identity On Facebook?

How do I contact Facebook when my account is locked?

Locked out of your Facebook account?Enter your email address, phone number, or full name in the form that appears, then click Search.If you entered your full name, select your account from the list.Select Send code via SMS if you entered your phone number or Send code via email.

A six-digit code will be sent to your email address or phone.More items….

How long does it take for Facebook to unlock your account?

How long does Facebook lock your account? This block by Facebook is temporary and will last anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours to a few days but in most cases, it’s 96 hours. Your account was probably blocked because you didn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.

How can I recover my identity from Facebook?

Confirm Your Identity With Facebook Upload a JPEG (photo) of your ID, enter an email address or mobile phone number that is (or was) associated with the Facebook account you wish to recover, then click Send to submit the information.

Why did my facebook account get locked?

Reasons Why Your Facebook Page May Have Been Locked or DisabledFake Account: If you didn’t use your real name Facebook will eventually find out.Misrepresentation: If you created a page that impersonates a person or entity it will be locked or even closed without warning.Groups Joined: You have joined too many groups.More items…•

How can I unlock my Facebook account without verification?

The way to get verification code on Facebook Click forgotten account into the Facebook account login page and then enter the email id or number into the Find Your Account box and click on the Search. Select the recovery option and click continue and check and enter the verification code and click continue.

How long will it take Facebook to review my ID?

According to the answers to this question asked at the Facebook Help Center: Why is ID verification taking so long?, the time required to complete the Facebook ID verification process varies. The top answer, which was posted three months ago, recommends that you give it at least a week.