Quick Answer: How Can I Pay My Metrobank Credit Card?

How can I pay my credit card bill online?

How to register and pay using NEFTStep 1 : Log in to the net banking facility of your bank.

Step 2 : Add the IFSC code SBIN00CARDS for making SBI Card payment.Step 3 : Enter your 16-digit SBI Card number in place of account number on the banking page.Step 4 : Fill Bank name as SBI CREDIT CARD – NEFT.More items….

How much is the annual fee for Metrobank credit card?

Compare All CardsCardsTitanium MastercardMetrobank Vantage Mastercard / VisaAnnual feesPHP2,500PHP1,500Supplementary Annual FeesPHP1,500PHP800Waived Annual Fee For The first YearYesYesRetail2% monthly2% monthly21 more rows

How can I pay my credit card bill with another credit card?

There are 3 methods by which you could use your credit card to pay another credit card’s bill.Through Cash. Withdraw money from ATM for the credit card you want to make the payment with. … Through e-wallet. Transfer the money to an e-wallet from the credit card you want to make the payment with. … Through Balance Transfer.

How can I pay my credit card bill with debit card?

Most of the banks allow you to make credit card payments using a debit card without any registration. You can directly enter your debit card details in the payment channel or use your debit card at the bank’s ATM to make payment. Payments using a debit card can be made from anywhere in India and at any time.

How can I pay my credit card bill from another bank?

Pay Your Credit Card Bill From Another BankStep 1 – Go to Credit Card Issuer’s Bill Desk. Almost every major bank has an online portal to make a credit card bill payment from another bank’s savings account. … Step 2 – Fill all Required Details. … Step 3 – Your Credit Card is Almost Paid!

Where can I pay my Metrobank credit card bill?

Pay using any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of our partner banks and any of our partner Automated Payment Machines.

How do I pay my Metro Bank credit card online?

Log in your account in Metrobank Direct at https://personal.metrobankdirect.com and click on “PAY BILLS”.Select the tab, “REGISTER A NEW BILLER.” – Select the category, “Credit Card”. … Click on “Continue”.Get a Transaction Acknowledgment on your new biller.

How do I pay my Metrobank credit card over the counter?

Over-the-counter (OTC) payments for your Metrobank credit cards will still be accepted and processed at Metrobank branches. You can pay your Utility Bills using your Metrobank credit card by enrolling to Bills2Pay via https://www.metrobankcard.com/cardsservices/bills-2-pay.

Can I pay Metrobank credit card at Bayad Center?

Use the Bayad Center app to settle your Metrobank credit card bills without having to go to partner branches! Fund your Bayad Center e-wallet using your online account at ANY of their partner banks and use the Pay Bills function.