Question: Why Do We Use A EnqueueAction Action?

How do you use an aura in lightning?

aura:renderIf instantiates both the components in its body and the else attribute, but only renders one.

If the state of isTrue changes, aura:if has to first instantiate the components for the other state and then render them.

We recommend using aura:if instead of aura:renderIf to improve performance..

How do you call one component from another component in lightning?

How to Pass Data From One Component to Another in Salesforce Lightning?First create an event named “Result. … UserInput. … Looking for Salesforce Lightning Services? … Now create the client-side controller for UserInput.cmp.Now, we need to define the DisplayResult, which will display the result.More items…

What is the use of Aura handler?

The aura:waiting event is handled by a client-side controller. A component can have only one tag to handle this event. 3. aura:doneWaiting – : Indicates that the app or component is done waiting for a response to a server request.

What is the use of Aura method tag in lightning?

Aura:Method enables you to directly call a method in a component’s client-side controller instead of firing / handling a component event. With the help of we can call child component method from parent component. Get Message from Child Component to parent Component.

How do you call a parent’s child method from lightning?

Define in child component and it will link to method of child controller. 3. Define a lightning:button on parent component and on click of this button get the reference of the child component as mentioned in step 1 and call aura:method as mentioned in step 2.

What is Aura lightning?

Lightning Aura Component. The Lightning Component framework is a UI framework for developing web apps for mobile and desktop devices. It’s a modern framework for building single-page applications with dynamic, responsive user interfaces for Lightning Platform apps.

What is V and C in lightning?

V refers for view a value of an attribute and C stands for controller that return a value by controller.

What is controller in lightning component?

A client-side controller handles events within a component. It’s a JavaScript resource that defines the functions for all of the component’s actions. A client-side controller is a JavaScript object in object-literal notation containing a map of name-value pairs. Each name corresponds to a client-side action.

How do you get values from lightning component to controller?

value”) we can pass value from component to controller. By using component. set(“v. attrinuteName”,value); we can pass value from controller to lightning component.

What is @AuraEnabled?

The AuraEnabled annotation enables Lightning components to access Apex methods and properties. The AuraEnabled annotation is overloaded, and is used for two separate and distinct purposes. Use @AuraEnabled on Apex class static methods to make them accessible as remote controller actions in your Lightning components.

How do you call a controller method from the lightning component?

In this post we will talk about how to call Apex class from Lightning Component. Step 1) Create on Apex Class with @AuraEnabled annotation and method must be static. Step 2) Create Lightning Component with controller. Step 4) As per best practice use Helper method for all logic.

What is enqueueAction in lightning?

enqueueAction(action) adds the server-side controller action to the queue of actions to be executed. … Rather than sending a separate request for each individual action, the framework processes the event chain and batches the actions in the queue into one request. The actions are asynchronous and have callbacks.