Question: Is YouTube Free On Telkom?

What does Telkom offer?

Telkom provides ADSL retail services via their ISP Telkom Internet to consumer and business customers, and through Telkom Wholesale to other licensed operators.

Most ISPs in South Africa, such as Afrihost, utilise Telkom’s copper infrastructure for reselling ADSL services.

Telkom provides ADSL with POTS..

Is Telkom to Telkom free?

Free calls to Telkom Mobile and Telkom fixed-line numbers have a fair usage limit of 3,000 minutes per month. The 20GB and Unlimited packages include free calls to other network operators, limited to 1,500 and 3,000 minutes per month respectively.

Does Netflix use much data?

Watching TV shows or movies on Netflix uses about 1 GB of data per hour for each stream of standard definition video, and up to 3 GB per hour for each stream of HD video. …

How much is 10gb on Telkom?

The deal offers users a 5GB or 10GB monthly LTE data bundle, with the choice of a month-to-month offer or a 24-month contract. Pricing is as follows: 5GB Anytime – R99 per month. 10GB Anytime – R139 per month.

How does lit streaming work?

LIT Music: LIT Music enables streaming music on a smartphone or tablet for subscribers of the Telkom FreeMe 2GB, 5GB, 10GB and 20GB deals. LIT Video: LIT Video allows for the streaming of standard definition video on smartphone or tablet from selected video service providers.

How much is 1gb Telkom?

The new plans include a 20GB option (plus 20GB of “night surfer” data for use between midnight and 7am) priced at R355/month. Other plans are also aggressively priced — 1GB of data (plus 1GB night surfer), for example, costs R40, while 10GB (plus 10GB) fetches R200 (see table below).

How do I get cheap Telkom Data?

How to buy Telkom dataOn your mobile phone, dial *180# and choose the option ‘bundle purchase’Log in to your self-service portal and click on the “purchase bundle” option.More items…•

How much does a Telkom FreeMe 2gb data cost?

FreeMe prepaid bundlesPackageDataPriceFreeMe 500MB250MBR39FreeMe 800MB500MBR99FreeMe 1.5GB1GBR139FreeMe 3GB2GBR1895 more rows•Mar 19, 2020

How do I get 10gb r100 on Telkom?

Telkom Smart Broadband 10GB for R100Dial *180#Select option 5: tariff change.Select option 2: change current tariff.Select option 2: Smart Broadband wireless prepaid.Select option 1: to change your tariff to Smart Broadband wireless prepaid.

How much is 100gb Telkom?

The plans are similarly priced to Supersonic, which offers three fixed-LTE packages at launch: a 60GB plan (with an additional 60GB of after-midnight data) for R399/month; a 100GB (plus 100GB) plan for R599/month; and a 150GB (plus 150GB) plan for R799/month.

How do I convert airtime to data on Telkom?

How to convert telkom airtime to data and Buy Internet Data Bundle online for Telkom Mobile ( 8ta)?Step1: Send this Message. *180#Step2: Press 1 from the list (bundle purchases)Step3: Press 1 from the list (data bundles)Step4: Press (1 to 7 ) from the list (select the amount)Step5: Press 1 to (Confirm).

What is free on Telkom?

FreeMe is a set of new data-centric packages offered by Telkom. … And that’s it — everything else is included, with free on-network calls, 50 free SMSes a day and free use of Telkom’s Wi-Fi hotspots. Oh, and you’ll also get free calls and messaging on WhatsApp, BBM and Viber (limited to 2GB of usage a month).

How do I get free WhatsApp on Telkom?

So, in short, WhatsApp is free to use with Telkom if you’ve bought their FreeMe package. But it only remains free while that bundle has data left on it. Once FreeMe has run out, the messaging service will then start costing you.

How does Telkom free work?

The new FreeMe bundles include all-network data, which can be used on both the Telkom network and roaming partner Vodacom’s network; WhatsApp data (for both messaging and calling); on-net voice minutes to make calls to Telkom mobile and Telkom fixed numbers; voice minutes for calls to other networks on selected plans; …

What is Telkom Internet Starter Pack?

Internet Starter Pack bundle is a once-off internet bundle that a subscriber will purchase on. a once-off basis. Subscribers will benefit from having access to surf the internet for the. whole year with the monthly data allocations that they will receive. 2.

How much is Telkom WiFi per month?

Some of the monthly offers you can get from Telkom for unlimited data include the following: Uncapped 4Mbps at R649. 10Mbps uncapped at R849. 20Mbps uncapped at R1039.

What is Telkom Monate bundles?

Dial *180# Select the “Monate Bundles” menu option: All-network voice bundles (valid for 7 days). Daily Data Bundle (a once-off data bundle that will be valid for 24hrs from the time of purchase). Daily Social Data Bundle (a once-off data bundle that will be valid for 24hrs from the time of purchase).

What are Telkom call rates?

Telkom in turn charges R1. 30 per minute for calls to a mobile number during peak times, and R1. 05 per minute during off-peak times. Calls are charged in increments of one minute for the first minute and in increments of 30 seconds thereafter.

How do I use data on Telkom stream?

After topping up with a LIT Video & Music data bundle – streaming content from these partners will consume data from your streaming data bundle and not from your plan data. The Telkom LIT Streaming bundles can consume both video and music content from LIT partners as well as via the Telkom LIT_ App.

Can I use Telkom data for WhatsApp?

Telkom FreeMe packages and bundles in 2020. The launch of Telkom FreeMe packages has changed how people communicate and surf the internet. … This set of bundles includes YouTube data, Telkom call minutes, SMSs, WhatsApp data, and mobile data.

Do Telkom social bundles include WhatsApp?

Our Social Bundles give you access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok. Simply dial *180# and select Bundle Purchases then choose Social Bundles to stay on the pulse of social media.