Question: How Do I Get Free Safaricom Data Bundles?

Is Airtel giving free data?

Airtel is giving its new 4G customers free data coupons of 5GB.

The offer called New 4G SIM or 4G Upgrade Free Data Coupons is available for new 4G device users or users buying a new 4G SIM card.

These users must install the new version Airtel Thanks app to avail the offer..

How can I get free Mobitel data?

What are the conditions of this offer bundle?• The offer bundle validity is 30 days.• There are no time bands (Daytime/Night time) applied for this bundle.• … • … • … ─ Dial #170# and select no. … ─ In the next menu, select no.2- Check My Eligibility.─ You will be notified whether you are eligible for the offer.More items…

How can I get free data?

How To Get Free Data On Airtel 2020 – FAQDial 5999555 (Toll-Free) – Free 10 GB.Give Missed Call on 52122 for Free 2 GB Airtel 4G Data.Missed Call on 51111 for Free 2 GB Airtel 4G Data.Missed Call on 54321 for Airtel Free data 10 GB, Free Airtel Internet Data For 120 Days.More items…•

How can I buy 1gb in Safaricom?

How will I be able to purchase the Giga Data Bundles? Dial *544# or *444*1# from your mobile device and select the Bundle of your choice from the list of bundles. You can also open and select Giga Data bundles.

How can I get Airtel 200 for 1gb?

To get 1gb for N200 on your airtel sim dial, *141#, select 1 (My Offer) > select 2 (N200 for 1GB/7 days) > Press Send/Ok. This data plan is valid for 7 days.

Which phones are on offer in Safaricom shops?

Best Phones Under 10K To Buy At Safaricom ShopNeon Ray Pro- KES 5,599.Itel A23 Pro- KES 4,999.Huawei Y5 Lite- KES 6,999.Nokia C2- KES 7,699.TECNO Pop 2x Plus- KES 7,699.Samsung Galaxy A3 Core-KES 8,999.Samsung Galaxy A01- KES 9,099.

How much is Safaricom Internet?

Safaricom Home Fibre; Packages, Cost and How to get ConnectedPackageSpeedMonthly CostBronze5mbps2500/-Silver10mbps3499/-Gold20mbps4999/-Platinum40mbps9999/-

How can I get 100 minutes in Safaricom?

By dialling *444*2# subscribers can now access the third option which is 100 minutes bonus talktime for only ten shillings. To check the balance one sends a toll-free message to 144 indicating abbreviated form of balance.

How does Safaricom free WhatsApp work?

You can only access FREE WhatsApp after you have depleted your data bundles but still within the bundle validity. Free access to WhatsApp kicks in when you do not have any other active data bundles.

How can I get free data from Safaricom?

We are enabling you to unlock free data as a bonus after you purchase your daily data offer. Every customer has a daily offer to unlock tailored to their regular data consumption. Access your daily offer on *544# then select option 0. The free data will be valid until midnight.

How do I get Safaricom bundles?

How to Buy Zidisha Plus Data Bundle Using M-PESADial *485# and select the “Zidisha Plus” option.Select the “Buy Bundles” option.Select the mobile number /employee you want to buy for.Select data bundles as the bundle type.Pick any of the data bundles.Select “Buy using M-PESA”More items…

How do I extend Safaricom data bundles?

“Dear customer your data bundle will expire on DD/MM/YYYY. To extend validity dial *544# to buy another bundle.”

How do you unlock 500mb?

You can pay for it via Airtime or M-Pesa and it will last until the 19th November 2020….Safaricom 500MB DataDialing *544#Clicking the option “0” then you’ll see ‘Unlock your Free 500MB’.Upon purchase of the bundle, you will receive bonus 500MB data valid until midnight of the same day.

How do I claim free Safaricom bundles?

How does it work?Customers are assigned a daily bundle offer when they dial on *544#and select option zero.The Free 500 Mbs is awarded immediately a customer buys their daily offer.Customers can pay using their Airtime or by M-PESA.More items…

How can I buy unlimited data bundles from Safaricom?

How to purchase Safaricom 4G unlimited internetDial *544# or *444# and press the call button.Select the option ‘Buy tunukiwa bundles’.Choose the bundle option number and select ‘send’.Select whether you want to pay via airtime or M-pesa then click send.A confirmation message will pop-up.