Question: How Do I Find My ILok ID?

What is iLok?

iLok is a separate software that manages authorizations.

Having an iLok USB allows you to carry your software licenses on a physical drive between a studio, your home and any other location you may be using iZotope software..

What is System ID for Sibelius?

If you purchased a boxed copy of Sibelius 7+, your System ID and Activation ID are printed on an activation card in your box, or have been provided by email upon successful verification of your crossgrade or academic status.

How do I reset my iLok?

iLok Machine Activation ResetYour iLok user account ID.The old machine (Location) ID to deactivate as it appears in the iLok license manager. Under “All licenses” double click on the license to show details. you’ll find the actual activation locations, copy/paste the line that concerns the machine activation to disable.

What is iLok cloud?

What is the iLok Cloud? The iLok Cloud allows iLok Cloud-enabled software to be authorized by any compatible license located in the user’s iLok Account (no need for a physical iLok USB or machine-licensing). This feature requires that the computer is continuously connected to the internet during use.

Is iLok cloud free?

Pro Tools and all Avid audio plug-ins now support iLok Cloud. That means you now have the option to work iLok-free, and gives you the freedom to work “on the go,” wherever you have internet and Pro Tools. Or, if you prefer, continue using your iLok as before.

Does iLok need Internet?

iLok Cloud allows you to host your licenses on the Internet. You only need an Internet Connection to activate and use your plugins. It is the more portable and convenient solution. The iLok dongle is a special USB device that holds your licenses.

What happens if I lost my iLok?

If your iLok has been lost, stolen or broken, the first thing to do is submit an RMA at You’ll be taken through an explanation of the available options and the steps you’ll need to take. If you don’t have Theft and Loss Coverage (TLC), we’ll need to replace your licences manually.

Where can I find my iLok ID?

Your User ID is NOT printed on your iLok. If you have already created an account on, but have forgotten your password to that account, there is a “password reminder” link on the login page. For additional iLok information see the following: iLok Authorization and Information.

Where is my Avid system ID?

The System ID for your Pro Tools software/system will be displayed in your Avid Account.Sign In to on My Products and Subscriptions.Click on the Pro Tools product such as Pro Tools | Annual Subscription. Your system ID will be located in the dropdown box.