Question: Can I Change My Pan Name?

How many times we can change name in PAN card?

There is not a stated time declared by the Authority.

But, Normally it takes almost 15–30 days for rectification in PAN data.

You can wait & check status of your rectification request online using acknowledgement number provided to you.

Follow below steps for correction/change in name in PAN card..

Can we change PAN details online?

Visit NSDL Online by clicking here: Select ‘PAN correction’ option from the ‘application type’ dropdown, and fill out your personal details. … If the application is for re-issuance of a PAN card without any changes in PAN related data, fill all fields in the form but do not select any box on left margin.

Can we change father name in pan?

Simply visit NSDL PAN Service. Fill an online application for ‘PAN Card Change Request Form’ and send the required documents to the addressed mentioned in the form. The applicant is required to provide further documentary proof to support request for correction or change in PAN data.

What are the documents required for name change in PAN card?

Residence ProofAadhaar Card issued by UIDAI.Elector’s photo identity card.Driving License.Passport.Ration card having a photograph of the applicant.Arm’s license.Photo identity card issued by the Central Government or State Government or Public Sector Undertaking.Pensioner card having a photograph of the applicant.More items…•

Is it necessary to change name on PAN card after marriage?

Practically, there is no issue in using PAN Card (before marriage) even after marriage. But it is recommended to change the name on card to avoid future problems i.e. opening a bank account requires same name as on PAN Card. It’s a simple process to change the name on PAN Card.

Can I change my name in PAN card?

To change the name in PAN Card, you need to go to . You need to select ‘Apply Online’. After that go to ‘Application Type’, and select ‘changes or correction in existing PAN Data/ Reprint of PAN Card (No changes in existing PAN data).

How can I correct my PAN card details?

For any update in existing PAN details, applicant is required to fill the form ‘Request for New PAN Card or / and Changes or Correction in PAN Data Form’.Applicant should fill all the columns of the form and should tick the box on the left margin of address for communication.More items…

How can I change my PAN card mobile number?

Here is the step by step procedure of ‘PAN card mobile number change’.Log in to income tax India website.Select ‘profile setting tab’ and click on ‘my profile’ on ‘contact details’ tab in this new page. … click on ‘edit button’ and change your mobile number.finally click on ‘save’ button.

How can I edit my PAN application after paying UTI?

Steps to Apply for Change/Correction in PANVisit the UTIITSL portal. … Select For PAN Cards > Apply PAN Card. … Select “Change/Correction in PAN Card“. … Select “Apply for Change/Correction in PAN Card Details“ … Select the form of forwarding the documents. … Select the mode of PAN card & Submit.More items…•