Is Employer Contribution To NPS Mandatory?

How can I check my employer contribution in NPS?

NPS provides both online and app facilities for checking account balance and transaction statement: Log in to your NPS account through the CRA website (

Submit your USER-ID and password.

Click on transaction statement, to see details of your transactions including contributions..

Who can contribute to NPS?

All citizens of India between the age of 18 and 60 years as on the date of submission of his / her application to Point of Presence (POP) / Point of Presence-Service Provider (POP-SP) can join NPS .

How can I avoid pop charges for NPS contribution?

To avoid any such charge or fee, one may opt for Aadhaar card number while undergoing KYC formalities. PFRDA has stated that such service charges will not be applicable when NPS is opened online using Aadhaar card number. Any Indian citizen, resident or non-resident in the 18-65 year age group can open an NPS account.

Can employer contribute to both EPF and NPS?

The government gives special tax exemption for contribution towards the National Pension System (NPS) by employers on behalf of employees under the corporate model. Under this, both employee and employer’s contributions are eligible for income tax deduction.

How much is NPS contribution?

5. Types of NPS AccountParticularsNPS Tier-I AccountNPS Tier-II AccountWithdrawalsNot permittedPermittedTax exemptionUp to Rs 2 lakh p.a.(Under 80C and 80CCD)1.5 lakh for government employees Other employees-NoneMinimum NPS contributionRs 500 or Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 p.a.Rs 250Maximum NPS contributionNo limitNo limit1 more row•Nov 4, 2020

Does employer contribute to NPS?

Employer’s NPS contribution (for the benefit of employee) up to 10% of salary (Basic + DA), is deductible from taxable income, without any monetary limit. Employer’s Contribution towards NPS up to 10% of salary (Basic + DA) can be deducted as ‘Business Expense’ from their Profit & Loss Account.