How Do You Fetch And Display List Records In Lightning Component?

How do you display records in lightning component?

Display List of Records Using DataTable in Lightning ComponentApex Controller.

public class DisplayListofRecordsUsingDataTable { @AuraEnabled public static list fetchLeadRecords(){ return [select LastName,Company,Status from Lead Order By createdDate DESC LIMIT 5]; } }Component : DisplayListofRecordsUsingDataTable.

Js Controller.


How do you show more than 50000 records in lightning component?

If you want to get roll up of more than 50,000 records then you can not use aggregate query as it limits to 2000 records only. If you want to use the custom calculation then there is limit that you can only query 50,000 records in one transaction. So the workaround is we can use @ReadOnly Annotation.

How do you display error messages in lightning component?

To display the error, the component markup uses a conditional statement, and another attribute, error, for holding an error message. This is the component’s controller. If the Lightning container application throws an error, the error handling function sets the error attribute.

How do you display a lookup field in lightning component?

How to create custom Lookup in lightning componentStep 0 : Create Support SVG Lightning component. … Step 1 : Create Apex Class Controller. … Step 2 : Create Lightning Event. … Step 3 : Create Child Component For Display the Search Result List. … Step 4 : Create Lightning Custom Lookup Component.

How do you fetch record ID in lightning component?

Now we can add this lightning component on account detail page.Go to Account tab.Open any record.Click Setup (Gear Icon) and select Edit Page.Under Custom Components, find your CurrentrecordIdExample component and drag it on record page.Click Save and activate.

How do I display more than 50000 records in Visualforce page?

ParulYou can enable readOnly attribute value true for the page it will increase Number of query rows from 50000 to 1 million rows and Number of records displayed on VF page will be increased from 1000 to 10000.You can go for pagination which has to limit.

What are two lightning event propagation phases?

Here is the sequence of application event propagation. Event fired—An application event is fired. The component that fires the event is known as the source component. Capture phase—The framework executes the capture phase from the application root to the source component until all components are traversed.

How do you call the init method in lightning component?

Invoking Actions on Component Initialization