How Do I Stop Getting Text Messages From Facebook?

How do I stop SMS?

Tap the three dots in the upper right corner, then choose “People and Options.” Tap on “Block .” A popup window will ask you to confirm you want to block the number, noting that you will no longer receive calls or texts from this person.

Tap “Block” to confirm.


How can I receive Facebook SMS messages?

To try it out, just open Messenger, tap on Settings (the person icon), select “SMS” from the list, and enable “Default SMS app.” After doing so, you’ll be able to view and respond to any SMS convos within Messenger. SMS messages will show up in purple while Messenger conversations will be blue.

Can I block all messaging on Facebook?

Select “No one sees you (go offline)” to block all chat messages.

What does 32665 mean on Facebook?

Here are the various actions you can take on Facebook via SMS; all messages get sent to 32665 (FBOOK): Update your status: Type any sort of phrase into a text message. Your status will appear on your Timeline and in your friends’ News Feeds.

How do I stop text messages from 32665?

10 Second VersionStart a new text to 32665.Type Stop in the body.Send the text to stop messages. Steps.

How do I turn off SMS?

How to Disable SMS on AndroidTap the “Messaging” icon on the Android device.Press or tap the “Menu” button. The Messaging Menu appears.Press or tap the “Settings” option in the Messaging Menu.Uncheck the “Auto-Retrieve” option.Uncheck the “Notifications” option. The default SMS application is now disabled on the Android phone. Warning.

Who is texting from 32665?

32665 is the SMS short code for Facebook. It’s where you text them or they text you when you have problems accessing your account among other things.

How can I secure my Facebook account?

More From Our Partners1) Protect your profile picture. Your profile picture is used as a primary tool for identification on social media. … 2) Make your friends authenticators. … 3) Know which devices you use. … 4) View all your information. … 5) Manage your Facebook data. … 6) Control your third party login.

What does SMS mean on Facebook?

short message serviceFacebook notifies you via SMS when changes occur to your profile. SMS, or short message service, is often referred to as “text messaging.” When it comes to your Facebook account, SMS is used to get notification alerts when a new action has taken place on your profile.

How do I turn off text messages from Facebook?

ProcedureOpen Facebook Messenger.Tap profile icon in the top right corner.Tap SMS.Tap On.Tap TURN OFF SMS.Change SMS app to Android Messages.

Why do I keep getting text messages from Facebook?

Facebook Help Team If you’re receiving a text message with a code of numbers, it could mean someone is trying to access your account. We send confirmation codes when someone has login approvals turned on. Login approvals are a security feature similar to login alerts, but with an extra security step.