How Do I Return AT&T?

Can AT&T waive restocking fee?

If you placed your order online and picked up in store, you must return to a company-owned retail store in order to have the restocking fee waived.

Waiver of fee subject to change.

To return phones purchased on, you can visit a nearby AT&T store or ship back to AT&T with the prepaid return shipping label..

Can I return my new Iphone AT&T?

You can return or exchange a device during the 14-day return period if you bought it at an AT&T store, over the phone from AT&T, or online from Be sure to include all the original packaging and components like chargers and manuals. Return the device to an AT&T store or contact us for a return shipping label.

Does AT&T take phones back?

If your device was purchased at an AT&T retail store, you may return it to any AT&T retail store during the return and exchange period. If you bought your device online at or by phone from AT&T, you can mail the device back to AT&T or return it to any AT&T retail store during the return and exchange period.

What equipment do I return to directv?

If you’re wondering about whether you have to return a DIRECTV receiver box, it all depends upon your account. DIRECTV offers two types of accounts, residential and commercial. Simply put, most DIRECTV receivers used in residential accounts are leased. This means the receiver must be returned once the contract is up.

Does AT&T charge for modem?

* There is a one-time cost of purchasing a Modem or Wireless Gateway for use with AT&T DSL service. Modems purchased from AT&T cost $75 and Wireless Gateways cost $100. You may also have the option to purchase your own Equipment.

Are AT&T routers any good?

With your own AT&T compatible router, you will have better internet coverage and service, finding that your download speeds are much faster than before. … You will have faster internet, better range, and even have more control over your network.

At many retailers, restocking fees are allowed as long as the fee is clearly disclosed and as long as it isn’t charged if you’re returning an item because of a defect or missing part, or because it wasn’t what you ordered. … You don’t have to pay a restocking fee if the item you are returning is defective.

What is AT&T phone return policy?

AT&T Returns If the phone or device you purchased does not meet your expectations, return it by mail within 14 days from the date the equipment was shipped. Refunds are applied using the original payment method. Any rebate associated with returned equipment is voided.

Do I have to return my phone if I cancel my contract?

If you get a phone under contract and cancel early, you pay the ETF. That ends your obligation. You do not have to pay off the phone, and you do not need to return the phone. If you get a phone under the Device Payment Plan, you must pay off the phone when you cancel and there is no additional termination fees.

How do I cancel my AT&T Internet service?

If you cancel after 14 days and are subject to a term commitment, you must pay service fees and other charges incurred, including an ETF. To cancel service: Be sure that the account owner calls us at 800.288. 2020.

How do I get a new modem from AT&T?

Visit the AT&T Equipment Shop. You can check out current offerings and upgrade your existing DSL modem or gateway.

How much is the restocking fee at AT&T?

You can exchange a phone or device one time within 30 days of the shipment date. A restocking fee of up to $55 for devices, not including tablets or iPads, may apply except where prohibited. A restocking fee of 10% of the sales price applies to tablets and accessories over $100, except where prohibited.

Does AT&T refund activation fee?

AT&T will refund any activation fee you might have paid if you cancel service within three days of activation. … If your device was purchased at an AT&T retail, you may return it to any AT&T retail store during the return and exchange period.

How do I cancel my ATT Uverse service?

To cancel service:Be sure that the account owner calls us at 800.288. 2020.Have the account number and personal identification number (PIN) on hand.Call during normal operating hours. Cancellation requests received when we are closed will be handled on the next regular business day.

How long do I have to return AT&T equipment?

21 daysReturn your equipment at no cost to you within 21 days to avoid a $150 charge. Take original Wi-Fi Gateway and power cord to nearest The UPS Store. Bring your AT&T account number located on your packing slip. Please do not return other devices.

How do I return my AT&T next phone?

How do I return it? You may return an AT&T Next device to any AT&T retail store or return it by mail. Please see the Mail Your Return tab for instructions. Exchanges can only be processed at a company-owned retail store.

What ATT equipment do I return?

Things to return: AT&T devices and power cords like Wi-Fi® gateways and receivers. AT&T remote control. Your AT&T TV device if you’re canceling service within 14 days of delivery or ship date – learn more.

Can I replace AT&T modem with my own?

To access the internet, you have two options: rent an AT&T modem-router combination, or purchase your own AT&T-compatible modem and router. … If you don’t want to rent an AT&T modem-router combo, you have the option to use your own equipment. So, for a comparable price, you can buy a modem that will last you many years.