How Difficult Is Azure Fundamentals Exam?

Is Azure fundamental certification worth it?

If you have prior experience with both cloud computing and Azure, the AZ-900 exam is not worth your time.

It doesn’t hold any inherent value, it doesn’t give you a certification, and you can earn each Azure certification without ever touching AZ-900..

Is AZ 900 exam hard?

The Verdict: AZ-900 is Relatively Easy At first glance, the AZ-900 exam appears to be one of the easiest IT certifications on the market, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging. It’s still an IT exam, and most of them are dense, if not difficult.

Is Azure 900 Easy?

This is my first Azure certification. Passed with 841 score. Stunned by the level of questions, don’t underestimate this certification it’s little tricky. A big thanks to A Cloud Guru and Lars Klint for an Amazing course.

Is Azure in demand?

The opportunities for Microsoft Azure certified aspirants have drastically multiplied in recent years, owing to the growing demand: … MS Azure is being used by over 57% of Fortune 500 companies. Through Azure, Microsoft’s commercial cloud revenue has increased by 104%, with an annual run rate of $6.3 billion in revenue.

Can I take AZ 900 from home?

You can take the exam from home of from a test center. However, please note that all the exams are proctored, and you need to fulfill these requirements before taking the exam.

Which Azure certification is best?

Microsoft Azure Role-Based CertificationsMicrosoft Certified: Azure Database Administrator – Associate Exam DP-300 (beta)Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect – Expert Exams AZ-300 and AZ-301.Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer – Expert Exam AZ-400.More items…•

How do I pass Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam?

It is important to have a fair knowledge about these modules before your AZ-900 exam preparation.Understand cloud concepts (15-20%)Understand core Azure services (30-35%)Understand security, privacy, compliance, and trust (25-30%)Understand Azure pricing and support (20-25%)Microsoft AZ-900 Exam Details.More items…

How long does it take to study for Azure fundamentals?

After selecting the appropriate course modules, click on the Azure Fundamentals course to proceed with our exam learning. It comes with less than 9 hours of learning comprising 11 modules. This will give you immense command on skills being measured during exams.

How hard is it to learn Azure?

In conclusion, Microsoft Azure certification exams are quite difficult to achieve but not impossible. A little knowledge and experience can work wonders for you. Moreover, you need to have determination and confidence which is essential to ace Azure certification.

Is Azure Fundamentals certification free?

By attending the event, you will have the knowledge needed to take the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam and receive a voucher to take the exam for free at a date and time of your choice.

Is AZ 900 free?

AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Course – FREE for Everyone!

Does AZ 900 expire?

Does the AZ-900 certification expire? At time of writing, there is no expiry date on the AZ-900 certification. Other certifications such as the AZ-103/104 Azure Administrator certification need to be renewed periodically (E.g. 18 months).