How Can I Get BSNL Landline?

How can I know my BSNL landline plan?

Dial Broadband Customer Care Dial toll free BSNL broadband customer care at 1800 345 1504 from BSNL / Other network landline or mobile service or approach Customer Service Center and confirm about your subscribed BSNL broadband plan and submit the migration request if required to downgrade or upgrade the plan..

How can I get my BSNL landline account number?

Another way to know your account number is by logging into BSNL portal with the username and password you’ve received from them, and then go to the Customer info section, where you can clearly see your Account number.

How can I complaint against BSNL landline?

Online Complaint: BSNL Landline Customer Support OnlineVisit BSNL website to register complaint: in to your account or register your account if you do not have one.Submit a request or submit a complaint there.

How can I get my BSNL landline bill by email?

Only thing you need to register your e-mail id and mobile number in the registration portal for e-mail and SMS alerts. To download your bills you need to register in the Selfcare portal or check here. For more details for Selfcare registration and bill download click here .

Can we disconnect BSNL landline online?

Step1: Visit the official BSNL website To disconnect the BSNL broadband/landline connection, visit the official BSNL self-care portal.

How can I check my BSNL landline complaint status?

Check the status of grievance registered with the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). You need to provide your grievance registration number and complainant’s name to view the detailed information.

How can I download my BSNL landline bill?

BSNL Bill DownloadLogin to your registered BSNL Selfcare account.My Accounts Page will open for you.Click on the BSNL Landline billing account number to see the usage. … Immediately your next page will open by having Options in the left side panel.Click on View Bills in Bills & Payments choices in the left bar.More items…

What are the plans of BSNL landline?

BSNL Landline Plans New Tariff November 2020Landline PlanMonthly Rent in RsApplicable forGeneral FMC 180199RuralGeneral Plan279Urban (<30000 lines)value all call329urban >30000 lines)BSNL Aseem (Virtual Landline)99 / 199Rural / Urban / Metro1 more row

What is the best BSNL landline plan?

Rs. 149 .00 Per Month Super Value BSNL CULLocal + STD: Unlimited calling BSNL Network / Rs.100/- Free Other Network.Eligibility: New and Existing Customers.Night Free Calling 10.30 PM to 6 AM, Unlimited 24 Hrs on Sunday.

Can I pay BSNL landline online?

Paytm has come up with a really simple and trouble-free way to make a BSNL landline bill payment online in no time. All you need to do is just log into or make use of the Paytm App and enjoy impeccable BSNL landline bill payment services to the fullest.

How can I get my BSNL landline bill without account number?

View BSNL Bill amount without registration You will be landing on the portal home page. Go to “Landline” page for landline bills. You can enter the telephone number and email id/phone number for confirmation. Submit after entering all the details, your bill amount will be displayed.

Why BSNL net is not working?

In case a BSNL user is experiencing a low signal strength in a particular area, all they need to do to boost the signal strength is switching their network from 3G to 2G. It might disturb the internet speed but will surely strengthen the signal.