Does Wix Have Chat Support?

Click the form in the Editor.

Click Form Settings.

Click the Notifications tab.

You send the notification to 2 email addresses, however these addresses must either belong to you (the email address associated with your Wix account) or a contributor email address..

What is Wix ascend app?

It’s called Ascend by Wix. This all-in-one business tool includes 20 products for you to start, manage and grow your brand, while building strong customer relations and promoting your products or services online.

Does Wix own my domain name?

You can purchase your own domain name directly from Wix! When purchasing a domain from Wix, the domain is automatically connected to the Wix servers. Click here to learn more about purchasing a domain from Wix.

Where do Wix forms go?

With Wix Forms, when someone submits your form, you can see the details in your contact’s information and inside your inbox. You can also find all the submissions for your form in a submissions table. A submissions table is automatically created for you when you add your form to your site.

What is Wix Premium Support?

Purchasing a Premium Plan entitles you to receive premium support. As a premium user when you submit a ticket, the ticket is automatically placed in the premium ticket queue to receive a faster reply.

Does Wix have live chat?

Live chat with website visitors right from your Wix dashboard or your mobile phone. … Check out the Live Chat Support app (by Social Intents) to get started. Important:For questions or comments, contact Social Intents: Email:

How do I contact WIX customer service?

Make sure you are logged in from a computer and click below to submit a ticket or request a callback. Our callback service is available in: English (24/7)

Does Wix take a percentage of sales?

Processing Fees: 2.9% + $0.30 In fact, Wix doesn’t charge transaction fees on any of its payment methods. … To accept credit and debit card payments, Wix Payments charges a processing fee of 2.9% of the transaction amount, plus $0.30. This is charged for every payment you receive through Wix Payments.

What is a lead capture form Wix?

A Lead Capture Form Wix App is the solution you need with its time-tested ability to get more leads for Wix sites.

How do I activate my Wix website?

To reactivate your domain from your Wix account:Go to the Domains page. Note: If you have more than one domain in your account, scroll to the relevant domain.Click Resend Confirmation Email. Note: If you don’t see this option, you do not need to confirm your domain’s contact email.

What email does Wix use?

Email accounts with Wix Wix’s approach is to offer Google Workspace, a Google cloud solution that provides (among many other things) professional email.

How much does Wix charge for email?

Wix offers email accounts through Google Workspace, which is $6 per user per month.

How do I get rid of chat in Wix?

To delete a Wix Chat from your site:Click the chat box in the Editor.Press Delete on your keyboard.Save or publish your changes.

How do I get my Wix email?

Setting Up Your MailboxGo to the My Mailboxes page.Click Setup Mailboxes next to the relevant mailbox.Type in a primary email address.Enter a password.Verify your password.(Optional) Enter the details for additional mailboxes in the blank email fields.Click Next.Confirm your contact details.More items…

Why did Wix stock drop?

Stock drops after company posts another loss due to increased ad spend. … Wix’s topline numbers continue to be strong and exceeded the company’s guidance for the quarter. Q3 revenue was up 29% year over year (Q2 was up 27% YoY).

Can you add Google forms to Wix?

Transfer new Google Forms entries to other apps automatically. … Do much more by connecting Google Forms and Wix. This integration will be available soon.

How many forms can you have on Wix?

Ascend Basic: 10 forms. Ascend Professional: 20 forms. Ascend Unlimited: Unlimited amount of forms.

How do I get my money back from Wix?

Getting a Wix Refund on a Company WebsiteOpen the Wix website.Click the Sign In button in the top right corner.Click on your name.Choose Account Settings from the drop-down menu.Select the Subscriptions tab.Find the plan you want to cancel and click the Show More icon next to it.Click Cancel Plan.More items…

What is Wix chat?

Wix Chat Overview With Wix Chat, anyone visiting your site can instantly send you a message and start a chat. Chat back anytime – even from your phone. Wix Chat is a great way to build relationships with your visitors. You can help your customers faster, increase sales, and more.

Why is my Wix website not working?

You may have accidentally disconnected your domain from your site. You can check to see if your domain is connected to your site on the Domains page. … If after 48 hours you’re still unable to view your live site on your domain, use the Wix Domain Assistant to check your domain connection.

Who is Wix owned by?

Avishai AbrahamiAvishai Abrahami – Wix Co-Founder and CEO.

Why doesn’t my Wix site appear on Google?

To check if your site was indexed by search engines, search “site:” followed by your site’s domain with no spaces, for example, … Check that you have allowed search engines to crawl your site. Notes: It can take a while for Google and other search engines to index your site.

How do I send a support ticket?

How to Write the Perfect Support TicketDon’t panic. Before you write a support ticket, try to stay calm. … Write a concise subject line. The subject line is the most important part of your support ticket. … Use the correct category. … Give a full description of your problem. … Add a screenshot or screen recording.

How does Wix contact form work?

To add a contact form to your site:Go to the page that you want to add the contact form to.Click Add on the top bar.Choose from the options below: Click Section to Page: Add a contact form to the section of the page. Click Contact. Click or drag a section to your site.

How do I chat with Wix?

Chat With Site VisitorsGo to your site’s dashboard. Note: This feature is available from any section of your dashboard.Click the Inbox icon at the top right corner.Click the visitor you want to chat with.From Wix Inbox, type your message in the text box at the bottom.Click Send.