Do You Get Anything For 2 Numbers On Set For Life?

How much does 3 numbers pay on set for life?

Save TimeNumber of matchesPrize5 main numbers£10,000 every month for 1 year4 main numbers Plus the Life Ball + LB£2504 main numbers£503 main numbers Plus the Life Ball + LB£304 more rows.

How do I win set for life?

How do I win?Set for Life is a daily game, with draws every day of the year.It’s played by drawing nine numbers from 44.The first seven numbers drawn are the Winning Numbers.The last two numbers drawn are the Supplementary Numbers.The more Winning Numbers you have in each game on your ticket, the bigger the prize.More items…

How many numbers do you need to win anything on set for life?

five numbersYou need to match five numbers and the life ball to win the top prize. If you match the main numbers only, you will still get to take home the second prize.

Do you win with 2 numbers on Lucky for Life?

Overall odds: 1 in 7.77. For complete odds, see Lucky for Life® Official Rules….Lucky For Life® Odds By Prize Level.Matching NumbersPrizeGame OddsMatch 3$201 in 201Match 2 + Lucky Ball$251 in 250Match 2$31 in 15Match 1 + Lucky Ball$61 in 506 more rows

What are the prizes in set for life?

The prize values for Set For Life are as follows:A top prize (Match 5+1) of £10,000 per month for 30 years.A second tier prize (Match 5) of £10,000 per month for one year.Match 4+1 fixed prize of £250.Match 4 fixed prize of £50.Match 3+1 fixed prize of £30.Match 3 fixed prize of £20.Match 2+1 fixed prize of £10.More items…

Do you get anything on the lottery for 2 numbers?

In these games, if no one matches all six main numbers to win the jackpot outright, the cash is shared among lower-tier prize winners. Now only two numbers will be enough for a prize.